100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Sanitization & Customer Service are two of the key components that has built our reputation in the city. We are diligent and very thorough about properly sanitizing your room between each and every visit. You can tan here with confidence, and your individual tanning experience, enjoyment, and maximum results are ensured. We control your tanning environment to give you the tan that you desire, while reducing your risk of sunburn. Our Tanning beds are completely disassembled and cleaned inside and out on an ongoing basis. The bulbs are constantly checked, tested and changed long before it is recommended; making it absolutely certain you will be getting the most out of your tan.

Nobody treats you better.

If you have a suggestion, comment, testimonial on our service and/or staff or you feel you have not been given the level of service you expected, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@cwtan.ca

Whatever it takes.

We have built our salons over the years by making our customers happy one at a time and listening to your suggestions on how to make our business better for you.