At CW TAN we take special care about health and well-being. We believe that Vitamin D is probably one of the most essential of them all for any human being, perhaps this is why it is often referred to as “Happiness” or “Sunshine” Vitamin.

What you probably did not know is that our CW TAN sun beds are very fast and probably the safest source of vitamin D. Each tanning session will pump the optimal vitamin D levels in the most natural way – through your skin, and this is all while you are having your tanning session at the same time.

A proper balance of vitamin D works supportive for the immune system, it also increases mental capabilities and improves general vitality. That is why CW TAN only selects those tanning beds, which are also a source of Vitamin D.

CW TAN Customer Advisors have a thorough knowledge of how Vitamin D helps your body and also how it stimulates muscle recovery, so it is often recommended for very active people, bodybuilders, and even people who train at the gym and exercise regularly.