Ergoline Open Sun 1050

12 Minute max. session

The Open Sun 1050 makes a statement with 30 high-pressure units perfectly aligned along the canopy and base. With its superior glass reflector technology and filter glass expertise, this Ergoline flagship demonstrates to the most discerning tanners how powerful, yet at the same time cool and airy, high-pressure tanning can be.

  • Voice Guidance
  • Non claustrophobic
  • All high pressure tanning
  • Longest lasting results and color
  • Adjustable body fans and facial lamps
  • Voted Industry’s Best High Pressure Bed

KBL 7900 Alpha Deluxe

10 Minute max. session

Pure luxury and the latest technology along with refined details equal maximum performance.

The KBL 7900 features voice, air-conditioning aroma and aqua misty breeze.  The six P2 tubes provide extra UVB, a perfect tan, essential bio-positive effects caused by Vitamin D. 40 powerful Ruby-Collagen-Boosters bring an increase of hydration as well as revitalization, relaxation and detoxification to the skin.

  • Controllable Ruby Collagen Beauty Booster LED lights
  • Controllable High-Pressure Facial Lamps
  • 3 different tanning choices
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Air temperature control
  • 200 watt plus tanning system
  • Voice Guidance

Ergoline Classic 650

15 Minute max. session

The Classic 650 is one of the best tanning beds that Sun Ergoline imports to North America. There are very few of them, so we are lucky to have one here at California Waves.

Best known for its award winning results and long lasting tans, this bed features a mixture of low and high pressure bulbs, giving you enormous amounts of UVA, as well as effective amounts of UVB delivering your skin the ability to simultaneously maximize melanin production and bronze your skin at rapid speeds.

  • Combo HP and VHR bed
  • Built in Air Conditioning
  • Multi level cooling adjustability
  • Adjustable facial tanners
  • Built in shoulder tanners

Ergoline Sunrise 480

9 Minute max. session

The Sunrise 480’s Turbo Power, 2-meter tall tanning lamps provide a deep all-over tan that is achieved in a quick tanning session. For music enjoyment, Stereo Sound is available. Also available is a 3D-Sound system with MP3 dock-in and SD card slot. This allows you to listen to your own mix of music through this acoustically incredible system.  You will easily be able to hear music while maintaining a comfortable body temperature thanks to the Sunrise series Silent Cooling system. This system bathes the entire body in a pleasant flow of refreshingly cool air, yet is whisper quiet.

  • 2 metre tanning lamps
  • 48 x 200W High powered VHR lamps
  • Built in cooling fans
  • Even all around tan
  • 3D Audio sound