Smart Tan

All our employees are very knowledgeable about the equipment, products, and the science of indoor tanning. Our staff is required to be Smart Tan Certified.

International Smart Tan Network Basic Operator Certification has been the benchmark for professional indoor tanning training since 1991 with the highest qualification standards in the industry. Recognized nationwide, and approved throughout Canada and the US that require training, the Smart Tan Certification program is updated annually, and is internationally identified as an excellent resource.

The knowledge that every tanning operator needs is included:

  • Tanning History
  • The Science Of Tanning
  • Ultraviolet Light & Health
  • Minimizing The Health Risks Of Tanning
  • Indoor Tanning Equipment
  • Tanning Laws
  • Salon Professionalism
  • Sanitation Protocol

Do you know your skin type?

View our Tanning FAQ page to find out more.